High-Ballin’ Hits!

It’s a big country, this U S. of A.High, wide and long, it sprawls up against the shores of two oceans. Tying this far-flung space together are the highways, rolling ribbons of concrete and asphalt that curl into every nook and cranny of this big land. Aimed like arrows toward ever-new horizons, the highways stretch …


Golden Days of Radio

Radio… When You and I Were Young We all took it pretty much for granted. Once the novelty of the crystal set had passed, radio moved out of its infancy and became such a comfortable and accepted part of our lives! We hardly gave a thought to that little carved wooden steeple on the end …



Once heard, Harry Belafonte will be remembered. He is a voice afire with an almost apostolic fervor. His burning need—to return to the people a sense of the magnificence of their own cultural heritage. He has been described as “America’s foremost balladeer and folk singer,” and has surely earned this distinction. While moving us through

Oud Artistry of John Berberian

“… this set should appeal, not only to belly dancers, but also to jazz fans with an ear for the unusual.” So Cash Box, the widely respected record industry trade paper, summed up John Berberian’s “Expressions East” album. We at Mainstream felt this accolade was particularly significant because it was based, not only on aesthetic …


The big fizz

I found this record in a box with other records that I put away long time ago (couple years ago) with the intention to check them out later. Well the “later” came and I found this this record inside. The Big Fizz is a play

George Feyer – More Echoes of Paris

We received a letter from Hong-Kong yesterday which said in part “your Echoes are really excellent recordings — please accept our congratulations on your achievement.” Since the issuance of Feyer’s first record a little over a year ago (VX 500 — Echoes of Paris)


This was a good find and a trip to local record store wasn’t waste of time for this record alone. The Record cover doesn’t provide much information. I looked up few places and found an interesting review on this album(http://ecmreviews.com/2011/10/29/gallery/). The album was recorded in 1982 and has great sound quality. The record I acquired  was …